Business Domain Application:

Land acquisition is a unique line of business! This has an overhead of operational cost that is difficult to track. Due to many statutory requirements needed for the land acquisition processing, this business has delayed elapsed time for getting the right information in the right size and at right time.
An automated solution for this is ‘B-Lead’ by Excellence IT Solutions!

Product Introduction:

B-Lead is a software application which is used for Land Acquisition business. LTS is an enterprise-wide land and lease administrative software application that captures, maintains and distributes all land information. It enhances land management by utilizing a single repository for data. It is accessible by all functions including lease and title administration, land, production, operations and finance. It handles administration, Finance, Maintenance to Distribution to Lease of different properties.  

Product features:

  Land data acquisitions
  Lead details
  Lead generation, transfer and verification
  Data search and analysis
  Data allocation
  Managing User
  Payment recommendations
  Processing and reporting


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