Business Domain Application:

Retail business solution for handling on line transactions which takes full control of inventory management, product suits management, employees and customer management for the organization and E-commerce activities is StoreWiz!
StoreWiz provides a transparent automated platform of driving E-commerce business for retail sales with an eye on financial transactions with right integration with other business process areas!
Dashboard indicators in StoreWiz are equipped with needed business analytics and that is the USP of StoreWiz!

Product Introduction:

StoreWiz is a Point of sales software. It is HTML based Point of Sales System. This is installed offline/online. Store Server: Synchronizes all POS information and transactions to this machine, Same POS machine can also serves as a Store Server. It Saves all transactions for offline mode and automatically syncs when internet connection is detected or be exported from and uploaded to Head office Console Head Office Console: It is the consolidation point for data from all the stores and also the sole distributor for data to the stores. Any data flow from Store to Store is routed to the HO Console. Enterprise management is also done on HO Console

Product features:

  Inventory Management
  Company addition and info
  Customer Management
  Employee Management
  Product, category, subcategory and supplier
  PO Details
  Report Master
  Table and Hall Management
  Employee , Security Role ,Security User ,Retail Profile , POS Management
  Hardware Registration , Hardware Profile Setup , Payment Processor
  Master Till
  In-warding & purchase process Management
  PO , GRPO ,Requisition ,Shipment ,Store Transfer


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