Work and Play goes hand in hand at Excellence. Its a community of intellects enjoying life!

Fun at Durshet
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Excellence IT had organized a fun trip to Durshet which was attended by all the employees. It was indeed worth the time spent by all the employees together. We had a trek organized by the company which was filled with adventure and fun. It was a trip for two days, which included team building activity as well. This fun filled trip was very important as it helped to refresh our minds after working for a long week and to get back to work the next week with fresh minds We thank Excellence IT for organizing such a trip which not only helped all the staffs to know other more personally but also created a sense of belonging towards each other.

Team Building Activity at Girivan

It was a day never to forget as we headed to one of the best places near Mulshi, some 25 kms from Pune. Girivan Resorts, which is a beautiful resort located in between the hills of Mulshi was our destination for Team Building Activity. Through this the company tried to inculcate team values in the staff. This session was attended by all of us and it was indeed quite fun as well as knowledgeable. This session was led by our CMD Dr. Naresh Bharde, who with impeccable knowledge and command over public speaking, made all of us aware of what a TEAM is. Later, in the afternoon we had some fun filled activities as we were divided in small teams. This trip to Girivan mad us realize the importance of TEAM and the revolution we can bring together which we can't do it alone. A Thumbs Up to the Management for organizing such an activity.

EIFA Awards 2014
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Giving Awards to the Employees, Vendors, Investors and Customers is a way of showing gratitude to them for the association that they have had with the company. Excellence IT Solutions give awards to all those who have made even a slight contribution and difference in taking the company forward. Awards is a recognition for the hard work the employees do and it really makes a big difference in the motivation quotient. The company presents awards in various categories through a panel of highly experienced personnel on board. A trophy illustrating the person's name is presented as a mark of gratitude towards him/her.

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